Client COVID-19 Letter

Dear Valued Client,

As you may have heard, Seattle has unfortunately become a “hot spot” in the nation for the COVID-19 virus. The repercussions have affected nearly every area. All non-essential businesses have been closed, schools shut down, and even our beloved Space Needle is out of commission for the time being. We are not “closing.” However, we are all working remotely due to CDC recommendations.

I expect many questions will arise, so I’ll do my best to address them below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my tenants make only a partial payment in rent or don’t pay rent at all?

Currently, we have contacted all tenants and asked them to contact us in-advance if this is the case so we can keep you updated. However, if they do not pay rent in full, the city has placed an emergency moratorium on evictions. This means we can’t impose late fees, begin an eviction, or take other legal action until further notice. The mortarium is in effect for at least 60-days and began March 16, 2020.

Will I be charged a management fee if our tenants don’t pay rent?

Yes. We are working double-time to ensure that tenant issues are addressed, and your payments are secured. This includes putting together payment plans and ensuring they understand their debt remains.

Will you be attending to maintenance issues?

Yes. Many vendors have had to temporarily close by order of the Governor as “non-essential.” However, based on our longstanding relationships with our vendors they are not “open” to the public but continue to complete our work orders. Our new procedure is to have our vendors bring keys to the property, get permission to enter from the tenant, and then ask them to go to a separate room while we complete the work. This is all in an endeavor to practice the safe “social distancing.”

Will you be doing annual inspections if my property is coming up for renewal?

Unfortunately, we can’t effectively do these until the social distancing mandate is removed. Tenants are currently on forced home quarantine and don’t want us to enter. This is understandable and we all want to stay safe. However, at our clients request we are happy to ask the current tenant(s) for pictures that we can pass along to you.

What if my tenants give notice to vacate?

We forecast most tenants renewing this year, due to COVID-19. If they are intent on vacating at the end of their lease, we’ll contact you on how we’re working on vacancies during this unprecedented time.

We’re monitoring landlord/tenant laws, city and county mandates and will inform you as we receive more information. In the interim, you’re always welcome to email or call us.

Hope you’re staying safe and healthy, SPM TEAM